Saturday, June 22, 2013

UN Day 2012

For United Nation Day, Antonio was assigned to wear the National Costume of Mongolia. I searched the net kung ano itsura, parang Cheongsam lang. I printed out the costume and asked my mom to go to Divisoria to look for the costume. Stage Lola kasi kaya pumayag! Haha! For the hat, I asked my brother to do it. Sayang nga at medyo malaki yung hat.

On the day of the presentation, I was so worried that Antonio will not participate as this was Antonio's first major school event. Hay, I was so happy that he was so game =)

haha, naging Mongolian si Spiderman

Trick or Treat 2012

So sorry for super backtracking...Throwback Thursday lang ang dating haha! Naghahabol lang ako ng post for documentation purposes =)

Antonio was into Spiderman last in halos lahat ng pictures nya everytime naka spiderman pose sya haha! Since he wanted to have a Spiderman costume, naghanap talaga ako ng magandang costume. It was a good thing, the brother of Arch went to the US and sakto sa Halloween ung uwi nya =)

We attended 2 Trick or Treat Events - One in Paradiso Terrestre, a few days before Halloween:

Then we went trick or treating in Ayala Alabang on Halloween.

Punta Fuego Getaway

We went to a lot of Beaches last 2012. First, we went to Calatagan in May with my Family, then to Laiya in June with Arch's Family, then to Punta Fuego in October together with Arch's childhood friends =)

Here are some pictures during our Punta Fuego vacation:

Life goes on...

Oh my, it is already the 4th weekend of June...ang bilis ng oras!!! Syempre I was not able to update my blog again =(

I mentioned here that I was on bed arrest. Sad to say, we lost the baby the week after that post. Nagtuloy tuloy na syang nawala. I was really crying when I learned pero nakakatawa naman. With the help of Archie and Antonio and a lot of prayers from family and friends, I was able to go through that ordeal. Paminsan minsan bumabalik yung lungkot, lalo na when I went back to my OB for a check up recently or when I see pregnant women. Naiisip ko I should have been 5 or 6 months na...but I try not to dwell on it. Kasi I know I have a lot of things to be thankful for =)