Monday, November 29, 2010

St. Andrew Christmas Novena Prayer to Obtain Favors

Hail and blessed be the hour and moment 
in which the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary, 
at midnight, in Bethlehem, in piercing cold. 
In that hour, vouchsafe, O my God! 
to hear my prayer and grant my desires, 
through the merits of Our Saviour Jesus Christ, 
and of His Blessed Mother. Amen.

(It is piously believed that whoever recites the above prayer fifteen times a day from the feast of St. Andrew (30th November) until Christmas will obtain what is asked.)

**Note: I think we have been praying this for about 5 years now =)

Antonio's 2nd Birthday Dinner: Cake Avenue

I ordered Lightning McQueen cake for his birthday celebration because Antonio loves Cars. I got this from Cake Avenue. I learned from one mommy at N@W about Cake Avenue. Since our dinner is at Burgoo Rockwell, I decided to get the cake from them.

Rating (1 to 10, 10 being the highest):
Design -  10
Taste - 7 (It is like it lacks some chocolate taste)
Price - 10 (Php980)

Antonio 's 2nd Birthday Dinner: Burgoo Rockwell

We thought of celebrating Antonio's 2nd birthday at Jollibee because I think they have a package of 7k++ for 30 people. Since our immediate familes plus us totaled 20 pax, pasok pa rin sa budget. Our problem lang was we need to invite 10 more and baka may magtampo if we did not invite the others. Haha! So we decided to just have a celebration with my family and Arch's family lang talaga.

We had dinner in Burgoo Rockwell last November 20. We ordered the Family Shared Style Set Menu 2. When I reserved for this event, I was told by the Manager that the set menus are usually served during merienda parties and we should not expect that with this order the guests will be full. So we added some Nachos, and ordered additional ribs and pizza. 

Good food plus good service plus our loved ones = one happy and memorable event! =)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Happy happy birthday Antonio! We will be eternally grateful to the Lord for blessing us a healthy, smart, and handsome son. We are also thankful that you have been a very good boy ever since. We pray and hope you will grow up to be loving and fearful to the Lord always. We love you so much baby! Mwah!

Antonio's Milestones
  • Can say
    • Like this?
    • Hi
    • There
    • This
    • Shoot
    • My gosh
    • Eeww
    • Coyo – for Pocoyo
    • Henkyu – Thank you
    • Key – for monkey and for keys
    • Butas (I was kidding Arch that we need to change all our pambahay clothes that have holes, kasi alam na ni Antonio e Haha!)
    • Ta – for bata
    • Tsk tsk (with matching of head movement)
  • Can now jump
  • He is so malambing – When he wakes up, he immediately looks for his daddy. Then he will go down from the bed and kiss his daddy.
  • Before we sleep, he pushes me to Arch and Arch and I will hug each other, while he will hug himself. Hehe!
  • When you say – “How do you think?”, he will put his finger on his chin
  • He sings (we just do not know the song hehe)

2 years ago

This is a repost from my multiply account, with some minor revisions =)

My due date was November 19. But I can give birth 3 weeks before that or last week of October. I really like to give birth before my due date so our son will be bigger and a little bit older on Christmas, so we can bring him anywhere over the holidays.

I planned to still work until I give birth. But when I had a check up last November 8 and my OB told me that the baby was still high and my cervix was still closed, Archie and I decided that I take a leave already so we can be serious with our walking sessions.

My last day at the office was November 10. November 11, we went to Megamall. November 12, we went to Shang Plaza. November 13, we went to Greenhills. November 14, we went back to Greenhills. We were really serious with our walking sessions. During those days, I did not experience anything that would suggest that I am already in labor. I had a few contractions but not regular, I also lost my mucous plug, but not too serious to leave the house and go to Cardinal.

I read in one of my yahoogroups that foot massage can trigger labor. So last November 14, I went to The Nail Loft in San Juan to have a manicure/pedicure. Luckily, they have a package that included a foot reflexology. Hehe!

On early morning of November 15 (around 1am), when I went to the bathroom, I had a bloody show already. So I texted my OB then woke up my husband. I told him that there is blood already and asked him if we will wait for the reply of Dra. He said we go to Cardinal immediately and not to wait for Dra’s reply.

When we arrived at Cardinal, the resident doctor did an IE and she said that I am already 1cm. She asked me if I have contractions, I told her yes but not regular and still tolerable. She did a stress test and I think the results were normal since the resident doctor and my OB (they called her) told me to go home and to see my OB at 9am at her clinic.

Archie and I were disappointed; we really thought it was time already. We went to see my OB at 9am. She said that I am already 1-2cm and she predicted that I will give birth that night.

So after going to the doctor, we went to the grocery to buy some stuff for the hospital and we also withdrew some money for the hospital bills.

Early morning of November 16 around 3am, I had regular contractions already but still far apart from each other and the contractions were still tolerable. So as not to have a false alarm again, I did not wake up Archie yet.

When Archie woke up around 630am, he asked me what time I want to hear mass. I told him, we go to Cardinal first. He asked why and I told him “kasi masakit na”. Hehehe!

We had breakfast, took a bath and went to Cardinal afterwards. We arrived there at around 8am. The resident doctor did an IE and told me that I am already 3cm. Then I was surprised to see my OB there already. She told me that she has another patient and she even mentioned that she was already expecting me the night before.

My OB decided that I stay at the hospital and be admitted already. Since I can still tolerate the contractions and we will also pay using my credit card, I asked if I can still go down to the admitting office to have myself admitted. Hehehe!

After that, I went straight to the pre-labor room, dressed up and walked to the labor room. I was telling myself that this is it. The nurse put an IV on me. It was my first time to have an IV. So it was really painful. Then, they added a medicine and immediately I was drowsy. I was falling asleep but waking up again because I can hear myself snore. Hehe! It was kinda embarrassing since my OB was there all through out.

Archie visited me at the labor room, but he was asked to leave since my OB will pop my water bag already. After that, the painful contractions started to kick in. Then, after lunch, my OB did an IE on me again and she told me that I was still at 4-5cm and the head of the baby was coning already. She suggested having a CS already. I said yes immediately since I don’t want our baby to have a cone head. When the anesthesiologist arrived, they did an IE again to check if the opening progressed, but unfortunately, I was stuck at 4-5cm for 3 hours already.

So I was transferred to the delivery room. Before giving birth, I was serious on asking for an all-female nursing staff. When I was at the delivery room, I did not care anymore. I just wanted to have the whole thing done and over with.

When I saw the bright lights in the operating room, I felt so many emotions, from fear to excitement to pity to being grateful. I told myself, “ganito pala ang feeling na nasa operating room” but I thought I am still lucky because I am there because I will have a CS and not because I was sick.  

When they asked me to do the fetal position for the spinal block, I was shivering because it was cold, I was nervous and I was crying. Surprisingly, the injection was not painful. The allergy test done that time was more painful. Hehe!

I was asleep during the operation. Ang lakas ng tama ng anesthesia. But before that, I felt when they started to slice…err open my tummy =(

I woke up when they were wheeling me in at the recovery room already. My first question was “lalaki nga ba talaga?”. I was there at the recovery room by 4pm. I was told I will stay there for 4 hours. By 6pm, I first saw my beautiful baby. The feeling was unexplainable. I can still sleep at first at the recovery room. But after I saw my baby, I kept on waking up. I was getting frustrated because when I wake up and looked at the clock, only 5 or 10 minutes have passed. I really wanted to go to the room already and see Archie. I wanted to talk to him already!

I was transferred to my room a little past 8pm. I was so happy to see Archie! Finally, I can ask what happened when I was in the labor room, delivery room and recovery room=) Hay, I missed Archie!

Up until now, I still cannot believe I was able to go through those things…the pregnancy, labor, operation, and the recovery. Sabagay, until now, I am still at awe whenever I look at our son…I cannot believe that I carried and gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby! I feel like crying, laughing, smiling, and telling the whole world how Archie and I are so blessed to have Antonio in our lives =)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Arts and crafts

Thanks to Mommy Clarice for inspiring me to do toddler activities with Antonio. Most of the time, we are doing arts and crafts. But I am still not consistent, meaning we are not doing it daily. If I have not prepared something for the day , I just compensate it by doing puzzles with him or playing balls with him. I just hope it is okay.

This is the first artwork we did. My husband was so surprised that Antonio was able to assemble them =D

Kindermusik Celebration Day

We still had a short class that day. Then, there was a sort of a graduation ceremony after wards where the parents and the student were asked to go up the stage =) After that, we had a potluck!

Can't wait to start the next class in December! =D

Halloween 2010

Last October 28, Antonio attended the HSBC Trick or Treat Event (My sister-in-law works for HSBC). Sayang, I was not able to go with him inside the office kasi walang parking =p

Then last October 30, we attended the Halloween party at Rockwell Tent. First, there was a program – balloon twisting and mad science lab thingy. While having the program, the kids can avail the glitter tattoo, play at the Lego area and with the computers, and families can have their pictures taken. A free “super tiny” cupcake and free “super tiny” cup of soda were also given to the children. Second part of the event was the trick or treat. Most of the shops joined the fun and gave candies to the kids. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf gave a free drink! 

We started at the top most level of the mall. When we reached the ground level, some shops have run out candies already. Okay na rin naman, hindi rin naman namin mauubos yung candies e! =D

We were supposed to attend the Halloween Event of Shangri-la Mall, but tickets were sold out. Hopefully, next year we will be able to get tickets na…kasi honestly, di ako nag-enjoy sa Rockwell. Mukhang mas maganda pa nga yung event sa may Rockwell Garden that day – the Halloween event for the pets! =D