Monday, August 18, 2014

Pregnancy Issues

I have shared to you before that I had a miscarriage last February 2013. I learned I was pregnant siguro mga 7 weeks then had spotting, then tuloy tuloy na. Nailabas ko rin yung baby. My doctor told me blighted ovum daw. Masakit, super. But we need to accept.

End of December 2013, I learned I was pregnant again. Then had my ultrasound second weekend of January 2014 parang 7 weeks din ata...there was a sac but walang laman. Sabi ng doctor baka delayed lang so we had another ultrasound and another and another (I lost count na), still the same. Wala pa rin laman. So we have to induce the baby to come out. Good thing, di ko na need mag D&C. Kung nung February 2013 masakit, the second was nakakagalit. Galit na galit ako.

So my OB asked me to undergo APAS test and Thyroid test. And tadaaah, I was positive with APAS. Kaya pala I had 2 miscarriages na. So my OB recommended me to go to another OB, who specializes this case. She gave me 2 choices, I chose Dra. Angela Aguilar. I love Dra. Aguilar...kahit ang haba ng pila nya =) Ang cool nya, promise!

Dra. Aguilar asked me to undergo another test...the LAT. Ayun, galing, positive din ako =/ So I need to see an immunologist and Dra. Angela recommended Dra. Lara Therese Aleta. Like my new OB, Dra. Aleta is also cool!

Magastos, yes.  Pero di na namin iniintindi...all for the love of our family. And God provides naman =)

Nakakalungkot lang kasi habang nakapila ako sa clinic ni Dra. Aguilar and Dra. Aleta, I realize na maraming mga babaeng nahihirapan magbuntis at hirap magbuntis. Pero for those who have the same case as mine or who also have immuno problems, I am praying for all of you. Kaya natin to =)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A year and a month

a year and a month 
a lot of things happened, good, bad, happy, and sad
and i did not even write them down
i wish i had all the time in the world 
to work, to take care of my family, to blog, to shop
but i still stalk read other blogs =)
i hope i can reignite this passion to write again
now that i have so much to share God's love