Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Proud parents

This puzzle was given by my mom-in-law when Antonio was still a baby. So we just kept it since Antonio will either eat them or throw them, and eventually the pieces will be lost.

Last Friday, Antonio was not in the mood so I decided to give him a 'new' toy. I got this puzzle out of his toy chest. And boy, I was surprised! He was able to master it after the first try!

This video was taken last Sunday. Actually, there were 2 milestones achieved. He was able to complete the puzzle and he was not distracted (meaning he will stop playing) with me taking a video of him and with his daddy entering the room. We are soooooo proud of our baby!

Healthier Us

In our pursuit of healthy lifestyle (because of Arch's hypertension), we have to choose our food wisely. I was really thinking that lunch and dinner will  be easier for us since we can eat chicken or fish or pork just without the fat. But how about our breakfast? We are so used to eating hotdogs, bacon, and corned beef...Hehe!  So last week, I spent 2 hours scouring the grocery for healthy but still eatable food...and I bought these 2 products.


In fairness, masarap silang 2. For the pancake, I thought it would be bland and flaky. But it tastes like cinnamon and moist naman. As for the cereal (actually, it should be Vanilla Almond. Wala lang sa website nila yung pic), it is yummy and filling. Unlike pag oatmeal, after an hour of eating breakfast gutom na ako! =D

Then last Sundaty, we bought new rubber shoes! Good thing the cousin-in-law of Arch gave us 40% off. Woohoo! =)

We just spent a little more now because of these. But these will do us good, big time =)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Arch's blood pressure has been high for the past 2 weeks. At first, we thought it was because he was tired (because of my Lola's wake), but his bp was still high even days after the cremation.

Hypertension runs in Archie's family - father side. Also, 4 years ago, he was under medication to normalize his blood pressure and he cut down his fat intake. Kaya during our wedding, he was thin. =) After that, his BP was normal until nga 2 weeks ago. So I decided to go to a doctor, so we know what to do. Mahirap ng lumala.
We went to a cardiologist, Dra. Aguirre, yesterday. He was diagnosed of Hypertension Stage 2. So now, my husband is on a low salt, low fat diet. He is now under medication. He also needs to indulge in dynamic exercises. He also needs to undergo some series of tests. After 2 weeks, we should go back to the Doctor.

My husband was a bit sad because of this. But I told him at least, these are the only things he needs to do. 

So now, I am searching the internet for food and recipes he can eat. I also told him, I will eat what he will eat. =) It will also benefit me and Antonio!

Breastfeeding pins

 Last Saturday, I finally got the breastfeeding pins from Ms. Benz. They are soooooo cute! I want to wear them to flaunt them but at the same time, I am afraid they might get lost! Haha!

Thanks to Ms. Benz of w@w/n@w! I love them!!!!

Happy 22 months!

Grabe, ang bilis ng panahon! =) In 2 months, we will be entering the terrible 2 stage. We are hoping and praying that we will be patient enough. Hehe!

Antonio is a bit sociable now, especially with his cousins (my side). Maybe it was because of my Lola's wake. He was with his cousins for 3 days. But at first, he was shy and masungit.

Antonio's milestones:
  • Can say
    • Sorry
    • Torm – for “Storm” the dog
    • Fies – Fries. When he sees the Mcdonald’s sign, he says fies
    • Gat – for mabigat. He also uses that whenever he has difficulty in doing something, like for reaching something or if he cannot pull a toy apart. I think he thinks mabigat is for mahirap e. Hehe!
    • Fower – for flower
    • Cock – for clock  
    • Cheers
    • Choochoo – for train
    • Car 
    • Tar – for star
  •  Recognizes the alphabet
  • Knows how to make 1, 2, 5, and 10 using his fingers
  • Hums songs
  • Loves musical instrument - xylophone, drums, guitar
  • Making paarte cries
  • Follows 2-step instructions

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lola Charing

I was never close to my papa's family. Yes, they lived with us when we were young but I only had a faint recollection of those days. Then, when they transferred to a separate house, we seldom go there. Maybe once a year, during New Year. I know there was tension between my mom and them...you know, in-law issues. If my father visited his family, he never told us to go with him. If we wanted to go with him, he will tell us that he will not stay there long and we can just stay at home.

A year after my Lolo died, Lola was hospitalized and we were afraid that she will soon join Lolo. Papa was telling us that malapit na si Lola. We were ready but eventually, she recovered. So every time they tell us that Lola will go soon, we will just tell them na malakas pa si Lola!

Time passed. Many things have changed. My mama eventually made amends with papa's family, especially with Lola. I think for the past year, they were visiting Lola frequently. They were also updating us of Lola's health.

We were supposed to go to my parents house last Saturday. I was also thinking of visiting Lola...but we were late. My Lola Charing, passed away last September 4 at 3am.

When I learned of the news, I hav mixed emotions. Sad because she is not with us anymore. Happy because she is reunited with our Lolo Manoling (who died 10 years ago) and with her son, Tito Pepe (who died I think 14 years ago). Also, I am happy because she is no longer in pain.

But one emotion that I feel strongly is guilt. I feel guilty because I did not spend more time with my Lola. I did not make an effort to visit her or talk to her on the phone. Oh, if I could just turn back the time! 

So now, I promise to let my son be super close to my family and my husband's family. I want him to love and respect them, especially his lolos and lolas. I want that he will be able to tell his future children and apos about his family, his joyful and painful experiences with them. I do not want him to be like me, who barely knows her relatives.

Lola Charing, thank you. Thank you for teaching me to appreciate more our family. We are sad that you are no longer with us. But the thought that you are now with Lolo Manoling (maybe watching your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren =D Lola, you can now see us clearly!) lessens our pain. We will always remember you. We love you!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Favorites - Fast Food

When we were kids, we always go to "McDo" every Saturday morning to eat breakfast while my brothers and sister play at their playground. My younger siblings have also celebrated their birthdays there.

Now that I am a bit older, I still love McDonald's! If the food they serve is not fattening, I could eat there everyday!Yummy yum yum! I love their big breakfast, longganisa meal, burgers, sundae, apple pie, chicken and their french fries ooh for the win!  I prefer their chicken over Jollibee because Chicken Joy has an after taste. I don't know, it is like the oil used for their chicken was used not only twice but several times already. Eeeew! Also, Mcdo is much 'cleaner' than Jollibee...eeps peace!

during my sister's 20th birthday
But if you ask my son what his favorite is, I think he will say Jollibee. Because he loves him, the mascot! =)

a very dear friend

It has been 10 years since a dear friend went home to our Lord. 

September 3, 2000 - Sunday, I was out with some of my officemates. My mom called me up and told the tragic news. I was so shocked that I even said a bad word to my mom.  Then, I started calling up my highschool friends wishing that they will tell me that it was just a joke...but they too have learned of the sad news.

Noemi was shot several times by her boyfriend, the father of her son. Our guess why he killed her because he was forcing her to get married but she told him to wait after her graduation in December. 

We always knew the guy was bad news and we were telling her to leave him. When we were in highschool, some of our barkada were hanging out at our house. Then, Noemi and the guy had a fight. The guy left. When he came back, Noemi hid under our dining table and we told him Noemi left already. We were so afraid that time because the way he looked at us was different! Noemi was such a sweet lady that she cannot leave him. I think she was hoping the guy will change his ways eventually.

When she got pregnant, she was telling us that she was forced. I think we told her to tell her mom so they can file charges, but she does not want to because she thinks the case will be dismissed since the act happened at the house of the guy. 

Her son is now 10 years old. So you see, he was only 6 months when our friend passed away. But even then, he has grown to be such a respectful and obedient young boy. Her lola, my friend's mom, is doing a great job in raising him up...despite the hardships of life. I sometimes think the what ifs (what if she is still alive, what if we told her mom about the guy, etc), but I always tell myself that Noemi has always been at peace ever since she went home. She has never manifested to me that she was suffering or lonely. Or maybe she knows I am afraid of ghosts =p

Noemi, please continue to help us pray to the Lord for the rest of our barkada and our families. We hope were doing justice of being ninangs to your son =) We love you and we miss you!