Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy 19 months!

It was first time, after Antonio was born, that we did not buy a cake for his birthmonthsary! Haha! Both of cars were coding and Arch had migraine. Oh well, meron pa naman next month e. Hehe! =D

- can say "us" for bus, shoes, bo-bob for Spongebob
- knows how to imitate Peanut (my SIL's dog)
- knows the sound for the bird
- knows how to call the waiter by waving his hand
- knows where the bed, tv, door, light, electric fan are
- knows how to pack away his blocks
- claps his hands when a basketball player is able to shoot the ball
- when he watches us play the bowling game in ipod, he gets excited if the ball hits the pins
- grabe maka-utos! hehe! if he is clapping, he wants us to clap also. if he sees a bus and he says "us", he points to daddy to say bus also. Haha!

Subic ABADventure

Arch and I, together with Antonio, trooped to Subic last June 12 to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary.

We arrived in Zoobic Safari, which was our first stop, a little past 10am. Hay, dapat pala I insisted on leaving the house at 6am para we arrived earlier. Kasi when we arrived, it was hot na e. Anyway, we did not explore all the sights in Zoobic since it was hot na nga, it was nearing lunch time and I think Antonio will get bored din naman.

Antonio did not cry when he saw the tigers. Though the tigers naman were deadma and I think they were bangag. Haha!

The first activity was the walking tour of the Zoobic Park. There were birds, apes, rodents, camels, albino carabaos, horses, donkeys, ostrich, etc.

The second stop was the close encounter with the tigers. Wala lang, we went to a cage lang na puros tigers. Ahaha! Then the third stop was Tiger Safari. Sayang the tiger was busog, kasi parang pilit nung lumapit sya sa amin to eat the chicken e. Walang thrill. Hehe!

For lunch, we ate at Meat Plus. The food was okay and affordable. We had spaghetti and rib eye steak=) After that, we checked in na sa hotel. We stayed at Subic Park Hotel. For its price, pwede na. Hehe! May pool naman, which Antonio loved! =)

It was a tiring day. So we just availed the free dinner at the hotel. Sayang din naman and super pagod na kami ni Arch. I was telling Arch nga na we should start exercising kasi we cannot keep up with Antonio's energy. To think, we are only in our early 30s!!! Haha!

The next day was spent on swimming lang at the pool...not at the beach kasi super dirty! Yuck! Antonio loved swimming. I hope he'll be a swimmer someday! =)

For lunch, we ate at Xpresso Cafe. The pizza was yummy and cheap. I hope next time when we go back, we can order the gigantic burger! =)

I love having vacations...even though it is tiring and not cheap, I know the experience will benefit Antonio! He can learn a lot of things and meet new people. I also told Arch na since walang yaya and napagod na rin ako, I let Antonio eat by himself...which I think was not a bad idea after all =)

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Antonio and I have a bedtime routine - Q&A (I ask the questions for now...hihi)

The other night, since he did not like to sleep yet, I challenged him by asking (not singing) "who lives in a pineapple under the sea?". He looked at me and sang Bo-bob! I really thought, di nya magegets! Hay! I underestimated my son! =D

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

36 Things I Love About You

Baby, happy happy happy 3rd wedding anniversary! =)


1. You love Antonio
2. You love me
3. You love your family
4. You are a good son
5. You love my family
6. You are a GREAT DAD
7. You play with Antonio even if you are tired
8. You are passionate about your work
9. You are a good provider
10. You are always cool and calm
11. You remind me not to be a hyperparent
12. You are SO funny
13. You have your own dance moves
14. You do not have vices
15. You are a classic example of an defensive driver
16. You accept my sumpongs/tantrums
17. You support my work
18. We hear mass every Sunday
19. We have our family dates almost every week
20. You hold my hand
21. You always say “I love you”
22. You drive for us always
23. You kiss me when you wake up, before you leave the house, when you arrive from the office and before going to sleep
24. You inform me when you arrive at the office or where you are
25. I love our perfect hug
26. I love your curly hair
27. I love your eyes
28. You make me feel I am a good mother
29. You listen to my early morning kwentos even if you are not fully awake
30. You try to wake up early just because Antonio and I are already awake
31. You ‘idolize’ MacGyver
32. You support my kaartehan
33. You accept my booboos
34. You watch tagalog movies
35. You watch telenovela
36. You let me hold the remote when we watch TV even if I change channels frequently

Friday, June 4, 2010

June Bride

I am a June bride. It was not planned...actually, I really did not want to be offense to those who got married on June ha...for me kasi korny dahil a lot of couples are getting married on the month of June.

When Arch proposed, he asked me when I wanted to get married. I told him either Sept 8 or Dec 8. (This was really MY plan, even before he proposed hehe!). The reasons why I like the date were - the 2 dates are for Mama Mary (Her birthday and Immaculate Conception) and 8 was our bf-gf anniversary and both dates fell on a Saturday. Arch did not want to get married on December. Kasi his parents got married on December and let's say - the relationship did not end in a happily ever after. Haha! So, September 8 was the d-date na!

After we told our families the date, may kumontra...the gf of Arch's dad told us that September 8 was not a good date. Her reason - it was the birthday of Mama Mary and Mama Mary suffered a lot (death of her Son on the cross) we might suffer daw or something. She told us to get married on June 10. Di ko lang pinansin...kasi I was really set on getting married on Sept 8 and June 10 was a Sunday no! And besides, I do not believe on those things kasi e...wala na lang nagawa si Arch.

So we scouted for suppliers na. Actually, we were able to book 3 suppliers when Arch told me that we need to talk. Akala ko magbabackout na! Ahaha! Here is the kwento. He told me that Anna, his sister, went to a manghuhula. Out of the blue, this manghuhula asked her if her brother, who is Arch, is getting married. Anna was surprised. The manghuhula told her to tell her brother not to pursue with our planned date. Ayan na, nataranta na si Arch...kasi 2 na yung nagsabi. I told Arch that I will think about it.

I consulted my colleagues and my boss, who will be our ninong pa. Our ninong said na even though I do not believe in those things, Arch does. And even if the success of the relationship really depend on us and not on some manghuhula, the fact that Arch believes...baka it might affect his relationship with me...and in the end magkasisihan lang!

So napapayag na ako. But before that, I told Arch, he should be the one to contact the suppliers that we have booked and change our wedding date...Surprisingly, all of them are available on the new date. And what is more surprising, a favorite supplier was not available on Sept 8, but on the new date, available na sila!=)