Friday, April 17, 2015

Why do I breastfeed

I am a member of Breastfeeding Pinay in Facebook. Somebody asked (for a survey) - Why did you decide to breastfeed your baby initially? Give at least 3 reasons.

Napaisip ako...bakit nga ba? Sa panganay ko di pa ako member ng group na to. I am not sure nga if 6 years ago may Breastfeeding Pinay na =) I am not that aware of the pros of Breastmilk and cons of Formula Milk. Basta alam ko lang na mahirap ang breastfeeding and dapat pag handaan.

Di kaya ang reason ko is it is a challenge for me? Alam kong mahirap, gagawin ko! And maipagmamayabang ko sya haha! 

Maybe yes maybe no. But I know I have given the best to my panganay (though mixed fed sya...e kasi nga di pa ako member ng sad!) until he was 3 years old!!! and now, I am giving the best also to my bunso...eto exclusive talaga! Thanks to the mommies at BFP, I have learned a lot and learning everyday. 

I also thank my husband for supporting me...alam nya kasi ang effect sa panganay namin - smart, high EQ and my eldest eats what is on the table (though konting pilit sa veggies).

I pray to God that I can sustain this until my bunso is ready to wean!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Our Answered Prayer

After 228 heparin injections, 3 LIT sessions, hours and hours of waiting at the doctor's office, more than 10 ultrasounds within 9 months, daily prayers, begging to the Lord for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby -- Angelo Mateo was born last February 6, 2015. He is truly our answered prayer!

While I was pregnant, sabi ko gusto ko na syang ipanganak kasi mahirap din yung mga injections and yung halos weekly OB visits...nakakapagod! And para matapos na yung takot ko everytime I go to the Doctor's office and everytime may ultrasound. When I look at my son's face, parang nawala lahat! Ang bilis bilis lang pala. Sulit lahat ng sakit at kaba!