Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Favorites

It is Friday once again and for most of us, it is long weekend =p

I hope my husband and I will have time to watch the dvd movies that we have not seen Angels and Demons and New Moon.

As for my favorite movie, I have lots of favorites. But my ultimate favorite movie - 50 First Dates! I watched it first in an airplane, when we were on our way to NY...and all through out the trip, I was watching the same movie over and over again...the whole time I was kinikilig...because of the movie and maybe because of my then suitor now my husband...hehe! And during the trip back home, I was watching the movie again. It really became my favorite to the point I gave Arch an original DVD copy of that movie =) Until now, when I watch the movie, I still feel kilig! =)

If you ask me what's my favorite Tagalog movie - marami! Hahaha! Aga-Regine movies, John Lloyd Movies =D

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy 17 Months!

We celebrated his 17th month in Bohol. As a "tradition", we ordered brownie ala mode as his cake =) Hehe! Notice our table number? Galing, it is also 17 =)

Antonio's Milestones:
- knows how to "bless"
- knows the action for amen
- knows how to salute
- when he sees a basketball ring or he sees somebody playing basketball, he will raise his hands
- can say apl for apple, chuckie (the chocolate drink), cake, koklate (i think for chocolate), jolbee for jollibee
- can point to the airplane and jetski in his book (yeah, he did that after our Bohol trip)
- loves to imitate people...the laugh of Archie and even the actions of "Manong Johnny" in his commercial haha!
- he waves his hand every time he hears the gate closes, or the car door closes, or the car engine starts
- loves to ride his donkey and his car
- loves playing pretend

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Favorites

I am starting this weekly thingy…why Friday Favorites? Besides they have the same first letters (korny), Friday is my most favorite day of the week. I know halos lahat favorite ang Friday. Kaya nga may “thank God it’s Friday” =) Hehe!

So my first Friday Favorites post is my Favorite ulam. That is inihaw na baboy! Wow, I could eat that everyday siguro...Yeah, it is not healthy but sarap e! I can eat it with vinegar or even bagoong! yummy yumyum! =)

Next time, I will take a picture of this food so I can post here =)

Happy weekend every one! =)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bohol ABADventure

The reason why we went to Bohol was because my Mabuhay Miles were expiring last year. So we decided to use it kesa masayang. We opted to go to Bohol because we have never been there and Panglao Island is more accessible than Boracay.

Weeks before the trip, I was thinking if we should include Chocolate Hills on our city tour. Kasi I read that it was far, it would take I think 2 hours from the airport to go there and we will climb 200+ steps just to see the hills. E Antonio will be with us so baka mahirapan kami. I even asked the n@wies if okay lang, they suggested to go there nga kasi it will be a great experience.

Days before we left, Antonio got sick (fever and colds) so the visit to Chocolate Hills were removed from our list na talaga. We just went to visit the Tarsiers (which tulog naman si Antonio), Baclayon Church, Blood Compact Site, ate at Jo's Inato, and we went to Daius Church. We just promised na we will do the whole city tour when we go back to Bohol =)

When we arrived at Panglao, wow, the beach was so beautiful! It was low tide so super super ganda! Antonio was so happy to walk on the sand! What's nice about Bohol is pag low tide, as in ang haba ng shore. Also, in Bohol the waves are not strong and big...very baby/toddler friendly =)

We stayed at Dumaluan Beach Resort. The resort was not high end so the facilities are not Class A. But livable naman and clean so okay na for us =) The staff are polite and attentive so plus points na rin sa amin. Also, the food was great. We expected that the food will be so-so, but we were surprised kasi masarap lahat though a bit expensive =p

We really needed this vacation...not because we are stressed or anything but we need this was the only time for us to bond as a family...walang yaya or lolos or lolas =) We thought mahihirapan kami, but kaya naman =) Medyo nagmamadali lang kami magdinner because the baby was already sleepy (at 7pm hahah). Tiring but it was all worth it =)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Full time moms and yayas

Hay saludo ako sa inyo full time moms (meaning yaya-less) and to all yayas!!!

I realized that having a yaya is a blessing to us. Like what I have mentioned in my previous post, my yaya took a leave for about 3 weeks. Though, we have a manang and manong here who took care of Antonio maybe 2 to 3 hours a day while I was working, pero iba pa rin ang may yaya na tutok sa baby. As in ang hirap mag alaga ng makulit at malikot na toddler! =D

During those 3 weeks, my baby was sickly...fever, diarrhea, colds...I think it was because pag sina manang and manong ang nagaalaga, di naman nila alam if naiinitan na ba si Antonio or nagugutom or what.

Oh well, that is water under the bridge na naman since my yaya is here already =) so happy happy na naman ako at di ko na inaaway si the husband! =)

Next post....our bohol vacation =)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all!

I know I know, I promised to update this blog... but I have been too busy these past few days as my yaya took a 3-week leave. So I am the substitute yaya now. So the 4-day weekend was a blessing to me. Though I still took care of Antonio most of the time, I had some extra hands to take care and eyes to look after the little big boy.

Last Thursday, we went to Tagaytay. We visited Pink Sisters (hay, finally after one year), then we ate at Pancake House. After lunch, we were supposed to visit Lourdes, however, from Pancake House, we cannot turn left to the church, we need to use the Rotonda...duh ang layo!

So we went to IHMC (I think), the grey chapel on the ridge, right after the Rotonda. Then, we planned to visit Ina ng Laging Saklolo but the little boy is asleep we decided to just visit the chapel of Tagaytay Highlands in the afternoon.

We had a fun night in Tagaytay Highlands...the house of T. Benjie was so so beautiful. The little boy was so happy to play with Portia (dog) and with Ate Alexa and Ate Andie.

The next day before lunch, we headed off to Las Pinas so we could spend naman our time with my family.

We went home Saturday afternoon na.

Looking forward to this long weekend again and next week, we are off to Bohol! Yipeeeeeee!!!!