Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking forward to 2012

In 2012, I look forward to …
  1. Transferring to our new house
  2. Buying appliance, furniture and fixtures
  3. ‘Decorating’ the house
  4. Cooking
  5. our PRIVACY! =)
  6. School Hunting
  7. Antonio's school
  8. God’s plan regarding my work =)
  9. Our 5th wedding anniversary
  10. Long weekends!!!
  11. Going to Boracay in December
  12. Simbang Gabi 
Happy Happy New Year! 

2011 Recap

If somebody asked me last November how my 2011 fared, my answer would be "below average". I was so depressed last November (ayaw ko ng sabihin ang reason para makalimutan ko rin eventually hehe), I blogged it here. Buti na lang at nandyan si Arch, Antonio and my family =) Now, I feel positive na. Alam ko, God is cooking up something. And feel na feel ko na malapit ng maluto yun =)

We received lots of gifts in 2011 kaya naman nung may kinuha si Lord nung November, di rin naman ako talaga makareklamo (medyong reklamo lang hehe!)

Major Highlights:
February - Additional Income
April - Tagaytay with my family
June - Subic with Archie's family
September - Bali Trip
October - Started paying the downpayment for our future house


When Antonio started receiving gifts days before Christmas, I told him that we need to wait for Christmas. Reason? I want him to learn how to wait...which I am successful naman. He did not open naman until December 24 lunch...I allowed him to open one gift. Then before dinner, he opened another gift. We planned na sabay sabay para fun, kaso feeling ko na-overwhelm sya e. Hehe!

So next year, I think I will let him open his gifts siguro mga December 24 morning pa lang. By night time naman madami pa rin syang ioopen =) Kahit December 25, meron pa rin!

Santa's Love Letter

2011 Christmas Celebration

Last year, we spent Christmas eve with my family then New Year's eve with Archie's family. So this year, we spent the Christmas Eve with Archie's mother's side. Here are the pictures during the celebrations =)

December 24 Lunch - with Archie's dad

December 24 Dinner and Noche Buena - Archie's mother side
The delish Turkey made by dear Husband =)

green family =D

Antonio with his ates

December 25 Lunch - with my family

mga walang magawa hehe!

Antonio and his cousins

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

2011 Christmas Wrapper Part 2

Since I have used up all the 'painted' wrappers and Antonio is not interested in painting anymore, we just made footprint and handprints reindeers and Christmas trees.

Presenting the new Christmas Wrappers for 2011.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011 Christmas Wrappers

Antonio and I made homemade Christmas wrappers last year. But we only used the wrappers to wrap the gifts for my family kasi busy busyhan. Since Archie loved the idea, we decided to do this activity again this year.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy 37th Month!

Antonio's milestones:
  • Says presents instead of gifts
  • Compliments people
  •  Loves to copy other people
  • Ang daming alam! Haha! When he asks a question and my answer is "maybe it is ___", he will say "could be". 
  • If we did not hear what he said and it is not important naman, he will say "nothing". Parang matanda?

Mommy: Look Antonio, there is the moon.
Antonio: Moon. Crescent.
Daddy: What? (Did not understand what Antonio said)
Antonio: Crescent.
Daddy: (Talking to me) Ano daw?
Mommy: What did you say?
Antonio: Moon, crescent.
Mommy: (Laughing). Crescent daw. Haha!

Antonio's 3rd Birthday Celebration

We had 2 mini-parties for the little boy. 1 for the south people (my family and Arch's dad) and 1 for the north people (for Archie's siblings).

Antonio loves Angry birds. So it is but fitting that his cake is Angry Birds. I got matching shirts for the 3 of us as well =)

Supplier: I got the cake and cupcakes from Hannah Enrile.
Rating -  Cake:  Design - 5 out of 5. Taste - 3 out of 5.

Okay kausap si Hannah! Madali din mag reply. I loved how the cake turned out. Nanginginig si Antonio sa excitement when he was opening the cake box =) I just did not like the taste so much. Ang taste niya e pwede na. It was a chocolate cake. It was not sweet parang may kulang. Siguro dahil matamis yung fondant kaya di na matamis yung cake. Pero still, I highly recommend Hannah.

Nothing compares pa rin talaga Antonio's 1st birthday cake. That cake was made by Le Sucreries. Hay sana sa 5th birthday ni Antonio, we get to order from her again =) Siguro next year, I will not order fondant cake anymore. Mas gusto talaga yung taste ng cake pag di.

Rating - Cupcake: Design - 5 out of 5. Taste - 4 out of 5.

Mas nagustuhan ko yung cupcakes ni Hannah. Kasi mas may lasa na sya =) Kasi siguro yung topping nya is not fondant but buttercream ata. Sayang lang medyo nagulo na yung cupcakes. Kasi dala na namin yan from Alabang to Las Pinas to San Juan. Haha!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Magic Santa

Does your kid love Santa? Mine is addicted to Santa! Haha! I have learned this program from one of the mommies in N@W last year...where you can customize Santa's message. You may also include picture of your kid and yourselves. Inabangan ko talaga yan this year. Here is what I have made for Antonio. The link below will take you to the website.

Dali, gawa na kayo for your kiddos! =)