Wednesday, July 28, 2010

right timing

i know my family and friends see me as a tough woman...that even if i have problems and trials, i am faithful to the Lord. yes, i try my very best to believe and trust the Lord that He will never abandon di Nya kami or kahit sino iiwan sa ere. but honestly, tao din ako. i still doubt and get angry for the problems we had and have been experiencing...minsan okay ako. minsan di.

if di ako okay, i know God sends someone to knock me out of my kabaliwan. haha! sometimes natatamaan ako sa homily, minsan i read stories of people then i realize i am blessed...but last night, straight ang message...kung baga na "in your face" ako...we attended the 91st birthday of my husband's lola. while having dinner, one of our wedding godmothers were making kwento. kwento dito kwento dun. may mga lessons akong napipick up but there was one sentence na i wanted to cry...kasi sapul talaga. bigla lang nyang sinabi "kaya kayo, wag kayo magmadali, kami ni "ninong" niyo recently lang naman kami nagkahouse. kayo swerte nga kayo, you have a house" my husband said, "ay di naman namin house yun". she said, "practically, it is your house...wala naman si mommy niyo [MIL ko], si [SIL ko], si [BIL ko] may sarili naman syang buhay na. kami we lived with my mom, na di naman kasundo ng "ninong" niyo. so swerte kayo"

for the past few days, i have been down kasi...galit (for some other reasons), self pity...kung di nga ako nagkaroon, baka isipin ko, i was pregnant e. haha! anyway, ayun, those words affirmed that I know we are blessed pa rin naman talaga. minsan talaga si Lord nakakatawa na nakakagulat. Siguro sabi ni Lord, di na umeeffect sa akin yung mga "parinig" nya, ayan diretso ng sinabi sa akin.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Favorites

Tsk tsk, I was not able to update this Friday Favorite thingy for 2 months??? I noticed that I am busier (with mommy duties) every Friday! Though I am not complaining =)

Anyway, I am not ma-kikay o maluho. I do not wear make-up, I do not wear jewelry except for our wedding ring and my engagement ring (on our wedding day nga, I was thinking of not wearing earrings pa...Though, I did not wear a necklace or bracelet), I do not wear high heels, I do not buy shoes and bags every month (I just get my bags from my MIL hehe) I do not wear fancy dresses....jeans, shirt and slippers okay na ako! =)

So my favorite kakikayan (or lone kikay thingy) is nail cleaning (take note cleaning only, even on our wedding day, wala akong nail polish hihi) and foot spa/foot reflexology. I think, I started to fall in love with these nail cleaning stuff just before I got married (yeah late na). I like Dashing Diva but they are expensive. I also like Nail Tropics but they are very far from us! Okay din sana Tip and Toes but mahal. I have tried also California Nail Day Spa - I don't like.

So my current favorite nail salon, Nail Loft. I am super happy with Nail Loft! The place is clean, not crowded, the staff are friendly, accessible and most importantly, affordable! =) If I can only go to this place every week, I will do it...magastos lang...I think I am just kuripot. Hahaha!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy 20 months!

Most of the time, we are shocked (in a happy and proud way) of the things Antonio does and the words he says. I always call Archie's attention every time Antonio does something new, kasi talagang nakakatuwa =) Kung pwede lang talaga 24 hours may video camera na nakaktutok kay Antonio! Hehe!

Antonio's Milestones:
- Can say koko for his Ninong Miko, ticko for Stikko, teeth
- Tries to use the spoon to eat (but he prefers using his fingers)
- Says poop when he makes utot and if he wants to make poopoo
- Takes his sando off on his own
- Can walk up the stairs using the railing
- Packs away his toys without us saying it
- There was an instance that when he got my cellphone 1, he bumped my cellphone 2 and it was at the edge of his toy chest. I was shocked because he got cellphone 2 and put it in the middle of the toy chest so it will not fall! I did not even tell him to do it!
- There was another instance that he moved the chair in the dining room because he got something from the table, then he put back the chair to its original place.
- Can wear his sandals on his own
- Counts but some numbers are not understandable
- Tries to jump
- Knows the dance steps of the hi5 songs
- He remembers most of the actions from his Kindermusik class
- I was singing Happy birthday song to Archie the other day. After the song, he was blowing as if there was a candle in front of him. Hihi!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I inquired with Teacher Dang about Kindermusik last February. But I cancelled the trial class with her…I just cannot remember the reason…I kept on delaying to try and making excuses na matraffic! Haha! Then, I saw a new Kindermusik venue somewhere near Shaw Blvd (which is nearer our house and no traffic). I was supposed to enroll Antonio there for summer classes but the class was cancelled due to lack students.

I was already keen on enrolling Antonio because he loves to dance. As in…kahit anong music marinig nya, he will dance =) Also, I think he needs to mingle with kids his age and meet new people. For example, in a party or a family gathering, he will just stay with me or with his yaya. Naku, lalo na pag pinagkaguluhan sya, he does not like that! Haha! Suplado in the making!

So, when I saw that the class at CTEC will start in July, I decided to go for it. We did the trial class last July 10 (The first day of class was July 3, however, Antonio was sick). Antonio was clingy at first. He was shy and he was not playing with the other kids. But he was a bit participating in the class. He was doing some of the actions. I was even surprised when Teacher Dang asked Antonio to point the Kangaroo in her book, he was able to do it. Ang galing e never ko pa nga syang tinuruan ng Kangaroo! Haha!

After the class, I decided to enroll na. I am sure Antonio and I will enjoy Kindermusik class=)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kaya naman pala

I am not sure when Antonio started to be so kulit...touching the dvd player, the plug, the electrical outlet, electric fan, throwing the cellphone, the utensils, etc etc etc...When we say no, he will still do it...We were thinking that he is becoming a spoiled brat kaya he does not listen to us...

Earlier, I read this at was sooooo relieved. Di naman pala matigas ulo ni Antonio! =)

Once your child realizes that you and he can be of different minds, he goes out of his way to see just where you are in conflict. For example, he realizes that you disapprove of him touching the controls on the DVD player, about which he's highly curious. It fascinates him that you and he can have a conflict over his interest in this flashy device that's so clearly begging to be poked.

However, my relief was short lived, kasi

if you don't want him to touch the DVD player or your PDA, you'd better put them out of his reach until this period of fascination about such conflicts between the two of you passes. (When's that? Depending on the child, about age three. This phenomenon provides a scientific explanation for this period of development's popular nickname: the "terrible twos.")

Haha! So mahaba habang pasensya pa ang kailangan! =)