Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Post Valentine Date

Last Saturday, Arch and I had our post Valentine date at Spiral Sofitel. We used the voucher I bought from Cash Cash Pinoy. Tagal na rin namin di nagbubuffet sa hotel, kasi ang mahal naman talaga diba? Kaya when I saw that promo, di na ako nagdalawang isip! I wish Cash Cash or other 'Groupon' Companies like Ensogo, will have another promo like that. Sana sa ibang hotels naman. I also wish, they will have promos like hotel accommodations =) Pag nagkataon, wawa naman ang wallet! Hehe!

Here are some pictures from last Saturday =)

my first plate - YUMMY!

the yummiest choco chip cookies!!!

Happy 27 months!

His major milestone for this month - he can now tell us he wants to make poop and/or wiwi. Before, we know naman na he wants to make poop kasi we can see from his face (hehe) and he holds our hands kasi umiire na sya...pero now, as in sinasabi na nya he wants to make poop. Pag wiwi naman, he removes his diapers. But syempre minsan may accidents pa rin naman. Hopefully in 2 months, we will be diaper-free during day time! Yippeee!!! =)

As always, marami pa rin syang antics! He sometimes 'invent' tunes for meme (milk), for calling Jomar - the son of his yaya, if he wants kapi (choco na gatas). Haha! Ewan, magiging singer ata si Antonio! 

Also, he never gets tired or bored with his puzzles! Yan ang morning ritual nya! =)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I never really liked red roses. Kasi diba super common lalo na pag Valentine's day, pwede mo lang sya mabili sa kalye? Tapos ang dali pang malanta.  During our wedding, my flowers were not roses. I think they were gerberas =) Mas gusto ko yung di masyadong formal =)

For this year's Valentine's day, I received carnations from my loving husband and sweet baby =) I never expected flowers yesterday (konti lang hehe kung wala oks lang talaga). Kaya when I got this, naiyak ako so sobrang touched. Hehe! 

Love love love love my boys so much! =)

Date with Antonio

We usually have a family day every Sunday - lunch out after mass and sometimes playing in Timezone. Since last Sunday was a day before Valentine's Day, we wanted to do something special. Last year, we went to Ark Avilon Zoo. This year, we decided to go to Manila Ocean Park.

Good thing they have a promo, Php500 to experience 3 attractions, namely Oceanarium, Jellies and Sea Lion Show.

We first went to the Oceanarium, then we went outside to catch the 11am Sea Lion Show and went back inside to see the Jellyfish.

It was not grand as the Oceanarium in Sentosa or in Ocean Park or in Sea World, but we really had a great time. I just wish they planned the layout well. Kasi after the Oceanarium, you have to pass through the restaurant for you to exit. If their intention was for the people to eat there, mas lalong nakaka turn off. Kase you have to pass through the "kitchen area". And some areas where not properly maintained. We hope to go back there, not to see the attractions again, but to check in at H20 Hotel =)

For lunch, we went to Harbour Square and ate at Army Navy! 
Here are some of our photos taken last Sunday. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

B for Bee

Happy 26 months!

I have been busy (but I am happy) these past few weeks, thus, was not able to update this blog.

His major milestone for his 26th month, ang laki ng progress ng speech nya! Dati, I was a bit worried that Antonio was not really madaldal. He can converse with us but more on signs with matching sounds. I was searching the net for signs of problems, pero so far okay naman sya. He can say more than 50 words and was not throwing tantrums as in na naglulupasay sa floor. Pero since January, mas madami na rin syang nasasabi and buong sentences na rin! And finally, he said "mama" already. Before, he calls me meme or diddy. Pero when we ask him naman 'where is mama?', he will point or look at me. Lahat ng tao nasabi na nya ang name, except mama. Kaya when he called me mama, I was so happy and kilig at the same time =)

So far, he has not thrown tantrums yet. He has some drama moments pero madali namang mapatahan =) Kaya di pa namin talaga na-eexperience ang terrible 2 stage =D