Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holy Week 2011

After so many years, we had a family outing finally...yung complete ha? =) We went to Tagaytay to do the Visita Iglesia. We were supposed to visit 6 churches, but super daming tao and traffic so 3 churches lang kami - Pink Sisters, St. Michael (Angels Hills) and the grey church along the ridge (na di ko pa rin alam yung name nya).

After that, we proceeded to Pina Colina. Good thing that the units were available so we were able to check in early. The place is beautiful, clean, staff were courteous, and it was very very cold! =) Sayang lang because we were not able to swim kasi it was cold nga e. E kakagaling lang ni Antonio sa sakit =(

Here are the pictures we took that time.

E is for Elephant

D is for Duck

Happy 29 months!

This is a late post again. Hay!

My mom used to sing songs for us to put us to sleep...nursery rhymes, spanish songs, songs from movies, etc. So when I gave birth to Antonio, I also sing for him, especially when I carry him to sleep. I have 5 songs that I usually sing, medley kung baga! Haha! When he turned one year old, paminsan minsan ko na lang sya kantahan kasi I don't rock him to sleep na kasi ang bigat na rin nya e.

This month, naglambing so I carried him and sang. I was so shocked he sang with me. At first pinigilan ko matawa kasi I want to hear him, pero after the second song, nagtawanan na kaming dalawa. I was so happy and proud! Now kahit I am not putting him to sleep and I ask him to sing with me, he sings naman =)

He also knows the alphabet songs and knows all the alphabet letters. We passed by BDO bank the other day, he said B-D-O. Happy happy happy!

One more milestone for this month, he knows some words in English and Tagalog. So if I say what is ligo, he will say bath. kain, he will say eat. I was so surprised that he knows the translations!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy 28 months!

Antonio learned to make drama iiyak pag may gusto na di pwede at antok na sya. But iiyak na nakahug sa akin or kay yaya nya hehe!  Pero on normal days and most of the time, if he wants something and we will tell him he is not allowed to have it, he just say okay. Ay ang bait na bata!

He knows a lot of words na rin. Nagugulat na lang kami na alam na pala nya yung mga words na yun =)

And grabe sa memory. As mentioned before he loves playing with his puzzles, alam na nya kung san ilalagay yung piece kahit wala pang gilid! Haha! =)