Monday, December 6, 2010

Symphony of Parols and Wee Nam Kee

Good thing that the Symphony of Parols at Ayala Triangle Gardens has weekend schedules. Since I am working from home and my husband's office is in Commonwealth (and with the Christmas traffic as well), it would be impossible for us to go to Makati on a weekday.

Last Saturday, we arrived at the place at 545pm. We first reserved a table at Wee Nam Kee. Since we were number 11 in the list, we told the waitress that we will just catch the 6pm show and we will just go back. Our 15-minute wait was so worth it. We really enjoyed the show! This is highly recommended for families =)

After the show, we went back to Wee Nam Kee. Apparently, we were called na daw so we have to wait a little bit more. Like the Light Show, the wait to get a table at Wee Nam Kee was so sulit! =) It was kinda expensive but the food was so yummy! =) We will definitely go back! =)

Roasted and Steamed Hainanese Chicken

Cereal Prawns


  1. We're planning to go there too before this month ends (hopefully). Which is better, the steamed or roasted chicken?

  2. Hi Nicole! Both are yummy but I like the roasted better =)