Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy 33 months!

Syempre late post. We had to stay the whole week last week in my parents house. The kitchen and the whole first floor here had to be we really have to leave.

Anyway, 3 more months to go and Antonio will be 3 years old...until now he is still breastfed. Haha! I think pampatulog na lang talaga nya yun!

He currently loves singing...kahit Alleluia kinakanta. =)

He knows the concept of big and bigger, small and smaller.

One time, my sister has popcorn with 2 flavors - one chocolate and one cheese - in one container. I told him not to eat the chocolate as it is toooooo sweet. Ayun, di nga kinain ang chocolate! Ang taas ng EQ =)

and I forgot to include in my previous milestones list, that Antonio is potty-trained already except when he sleeps and when we go out. I think it started last May...I am not really sure. After our trip next month, we will start training him to use briefs na rin even if he is sleeping....crossing my fingers!

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