Friday, November 5, 2010

Arts and crafts

Thanks to Mommy Clarice for inspiring me to do toddler activities with Antonio. Most of the time, we are doing arts and crafts. But I am still not consistent, meaning we are not doing it daily. If I have not prepared something for the day , I just compensate it by doing puzzles with him or playing balls with him. I just hope it is okay.

This is the first artwork we did. My husband was so surprised that Antonio was able to assemble them =D


  1. nice! will try it with my Gabbie. am so inspired din with clarice's art works with jia. problema lang hindi talaga ako mahilig sa arts. hehe. pero will try this with my daughter :)

  2. Thanks! Ako di ako artistic kaya ang ginagawa lang namin is yung kaya kong idrawing! Hehe! I'm sure Gabbie will enjoy the activities =D