Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Happy happy birthday Antonio! We will be eternally grateful to the Lord for blessing us a healthy, smart, and handsome son. We are also thankful that you have been a very good boy ever since. We pray and hope you will grow up to be loving and fearful to the Lord always. We love you so much baby! Mwah!

Antonio's Milestones
  • Can say
    • Like this?
    • Hi
    • There
    • This
    • Shoot
    • My gosh
    • Eeww
    • Coyo – for Pocoyo
    • Henkyu – Thank you
    • Key – for monkey and for keys
    • Butas (I was kidding Arch that we need to change all our pambahay clothes that have holes, kasi alam na ni Antonio e Haha!)
    • Ta – for bata
    • Tsk tsk (with matching of head movement)
  • Can now jump
  • He is so malambing – When he wakes up, he immediately looks for his daddy. Then he will go down from the bed and kiss his daddy.
  • Before we sleep, he pushes me to Arch and Arch and I will hug each other, while he will hug himself. Hehe!
  • When you say – “How do you think?”, he will put his finger on his chin
  • He sings (we just do not know the song hehe)

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