Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy 29 months!

This is a late post again. Hay!

My mom used to sing songs for us to put us to sleep...nursery rhymes, spanish songs, songs from movies, etc. So when I gave birth to Antonio, I also sing for him, especially when I carry him to sleep. I have 5 songs that I usually sing, medley kung baga! Haha! When he turned one year old, paminsan minsan ko na lang sya kantahan kasi I don't rock him to sleep na kasi ang bigat na rin nya e.

This month, naglambing so I carried him and sang. I was so shocked he sang with me. At first pinigilan ko matawa kasi I want to hear him, pero after the second song, nagtawanan na kaming dalawa. I was so happy and proud! Now kahit I am not putting him to sleep and I ask him to sing with me, he sings naman =)

He also knows the alphabet songs and knows all the alphabet letters. We passed by BDO bank the other day, he said B-D-O. Happy happy happy!

One more milestone for this month, he knows some words in English and Tagalog. So if I say what is ligo, he will say bath. kain, he will say eat. I was so surprised that he knows the translations!

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