Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holy Week 2011

After so many years, we had a family outing finally...yung complete ha? =) We went to Tagaytay to do the Visita Iglesia. We were supposed to visit 6 churches, but super daming tao and traffic so 3 churches lang kami - Pink Sisters, St. Michael (Angels Hills) and the grey church along the ridge (na di ko pa rin alam yung name nya).

After that, we proceeded to Pina Colina. Good thing that the units were available so we were able to check in early. The place is beautiful, clean, staff were courteous, and it was very very cold! =) Sayang lang because we were not able to swim kasi it was cold nga e. E kakagaling lang ni Antonio sa sakit =(

Here are the pictures we took that time.

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