Friday, June 17, 2011

Dental Visit

Antonio just had his first dental visit today. Hay, late na no? Bad mommy!

Anyway, I asked my previous boss, Daisy, if her children go to a pedia-dentist. She said her children go to Dr. Mariza Gatmaitan-Custodio. Daisy lives in Paranaque but they go to Dra. Custodio (at Medical Plaza Ortigas), because she is happy with her. I called her clinic mid-May. Apparently, she has a clinic at Cardinal Santos, so I was happy since it is much nearer to our place. I asked what is the next available schedule, the nurse said, June 17. Haha! Di naman sya ganon ka-in demand ano? =)

I was really prepping Antonio that we will be going to the dentist. I told him that the dentist will just check his teeth.  When we arrived at the clinic, I know Antonio is not comfortable because nakakapit lang sya sa yaya nya and he does not talk. And kunyari ayaw tumingin sa dentist. Haha!

The dentist asked me some questions and gave us a briefing. She asked me how is Antonio with his pedia and with his barber. I told her, not good. Haha! Sa pedia, nagwawala sya. Sa barbershop, ayaw umupo, kailangan karga ni Daddy nya. So the dentist told me na baka ganon din si Antonio, so I should not worry.

Antonio did not want to sit on the chair. So I sat on the chair and he was sitting on me. We did not lie down na nga kasi ayaw din nya. But Antonio followed Dra. Custodio's instructions, like open your mouth and stick out your tongue. The dentist was amazed because Antonio did not cry and was following her. While she was brushing his teeth, she was counting na rin Antonio's teeth. She was able to put flouride na rin.

Antonio's teeth are okay except for one. She said kailangan namin bantayan yung front tooth, kasi nagstart na daw masira, dahil dikit dikit daw teeth nya. We will go back to her this November and she will check kung lumala na yung tooth ni Antonio.

After the cleaning procedure, she gave Antonio a balloon! Kaya tuwang tuwa si Antonio!

I am happy with Dra. Custodio! I highly recommend her! =)

Mariza Gatmaitan - Custodio, D.D.M.
Room 372 Medical Arts Bldg
Cardinal Santos Medical Center
Tel: 721-9802
Schedule: Fridays 9am to 4pm

Unit 1901 Medical Plaza Ortigas
Tel: 638-3426
Schedule: TTH 9am to 4pm, Sat 9am to 2pm

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