Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Warm Cinnamon-Spiced Apple Topping and Manticado Ice Cream

I got this recipe from Yummy Magazine, I just did not follow the measurements they have written. Tantya lang ako haha! Sayang kasi sa water, ang dami pang huhugasan (or tamad lang ako maghugas hehe).

Apple (I used 1 medium-sized apple)
Brown Sugar (maybe half a cup)
Cinnamon (just a pinch or two)
Butter (maybe a tablespoon)

Slice the apple
Mix the brown sugar, cinnamon and sliced apples
Melt the butter in a heated pan then put the mixture in
Wait for the sugar to dissolve or you may want to soften the apples (ako kasi gusto ko medyo may crunch)
Put the finished product on top of Manticado (Arce) ice cream! Yummeh!!!!

Next time, I will put almonds or walnuts =)


  1. that looks delicious,obviously your little dude enjoy what he's doing.cute! i'll try it one time, easy lang pala ;)

  2. Hi Mommy Jo! Yes, it is easy =) I will try this as a topping naman sa hotcake. Hopefully, okay din =)