Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy 37th Month!

Antonio's milestones:
  • Says presents instead of gifts
  • Compliments people
  •  Loves to copy other people
  • Ang daming alam! Haha! When he asks a question and my answer is "maybe it is ___", he will say "could be". 
  • If we did not hear what he said and it is not important naman, he will say "nothing". Parang matanda?

Mommy: Look Antonio, there is the moon.
Antonio: Moon. Crescent.
Daddy: What? (Did not understand what Antonio said)
Antonio: Crescent.
Daddy: (Talking to me) Ano daw?
Mommy: What did you say?
Antonio: Moon, crescent.
Mommy: (Laughing). Crescent daw. Haha!

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