Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NBI Clearance Application - Las Pinas City Hall

I have read horror stories about the looooooong lines and horrible system in getting NBI clearance. Since NBI has changed providers and now have biometric system, all applications will be deemed as new applications.

I was thinking of getting the clearance in Mandaluyong because it is nearer our house, or Robinsons Otis because I have read that the processing there is faster and the lines are not that long or Las Pinas because I can ask a staff of my dad to fall in line early. I decided to try in Las Pinas yesterday - January 30.

The messenger arrived around 6am I think. He queued in the line for women. When I arrived around 7, the line is sooooo long already. We were thinking maybe only 50 women were in front of me. They started distributing the application forms by 730am. I was so nervous because I still did not have my cedula, the messenger was still getting it from the other building. A lot of women before me were not given an application form because they, too did not have cedula yet. When it was my turn, I did not show the front page of my cedula, I just told the person somebody is still getting the new one for me. Thank God, I was given an application form...oh by the way, I was already the 108th. If the women before me who did not have the cedula were given application forms, I will need to go back next time. The cut-off for application for women is 120 and for men 180 per day.

I was praying that the processing will take half a day. Unfortunately, I was there until 4pm. Yes, it took that long. I did not take lunch anymore since I do not want to lose my place in the line - though we, the people who were left, honored the numbering still. Bigayan na lang diba =) Ang bagal kasi ng encoding. There are only 2 computer terminals. One terminal is dedicated for those who were asked to go back kasi di na-process yung application nila last year - during the transitioning to the new system...though konti lang yung mga taong yun. The other terminal is for the new applicants. Tapos, yung mga nagtatype e ang bagal bagal. Naturingang students of an IT school pa sila.

Good thing, the applicants were nice and jolly persons. Wala na lang nagsusungit kasi kung may magsungit dun malamang lahat kami bad trip na. Pinagtatawanan na lang namin yung case namin. Then one applicant, kasama nya mom nya. The mom was directing people like ayusin ang line, walang pinapasingit, etc. It was favorable for us. Pero kung nanay ko yun, siguro mapapacringe na lang ako. Hehe!

I was able to get my clearance yesterday. Last year, when I applied in Mandaluyong, I was asked to go back after a week. Syempre the praning in me, I was thinking na baka may kaso ako na di ko alam. Haha!

1. If possible, ask somebody to fall in line for you early like around 4 or 5 am. (Yung isang applicant galing syang Alabang that day, 4am pa lang ubos na yung slot. Buti naka abot pa sya sa Las Pinas)
2. If applying in a city hall (like in Las Pinas or Mandaluyong), make sure you have cedula from that city BEFORE falling in line. Feeling ko pinagkakakitaan lang ng city hall yan e. Kasi wala naman sa NBI website yung requirement na yan.
3. Wear light or comfortable clothes.
4. Bring fan, candy, snacks, books or magazines, water jug.
5. Be friendly to your 'seatmates'.
6. Pray
7. Smile at wag uminit ang ulo....matatapos din ang processing. Hehe!

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