Thursday, March 8, 2012

Officially Southerners

We moved in to our new house last Saturday. That morning din, we had the simple and small blessing. It was only Arch, Antonio, our Yaya, my parents and sister (dahil they helped us with the move) and I who were there to catch all the coins...ay to witness the blessing of God's gift. I specifically told my husband na ipabless agad yung house kasi at least kampante kami diba? And para wala ng reason to host a big event hehe!

Though, that night, my brother and his family visited us. Gusto lang nilang istorbohin kami haha!

Anyway, when we left San Juan, Arch's lola was crying. Ahuhu. Naiyak na rin ako. E kasi naman mamimiss nila si Antonio. Almost everyday, Antonio was there...nakikikain! Also, our manang (the maid of Arch's siblings) cried. Then, the sister of Arch wrote a message in FB (she was traveling kasi last Saturday) na she misses Antonio and she is having a separation anxiety. Hay, nakakalungkot but I know they are happy for us. And this is a dream come true talaga. When we stayed at my in-laws place, sabi ko talaga kay Arch, dapat 3 years lang kami dun. Ayun, ang galing 3 years and 4 months lang kami nagstay dun....God is good! =)

Magulo pa yung house. May mga boxes pa rin kami dito. Pero slowly, nililinis na ni yaya yung mga kalat namin. Mas OC pa yaya ko. Haha! May mga kulang pa rin kami...though hinay hinay na lang muna sa pagbili at kailangan magtipid =)

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  1. welcome to the South side, sis!
    Sama kayo sa next playdate. We might have one within the month