Saturday, April 28, 2012

Updates updates

Yes, I am still alive! Haha!

Have been busy with work and house thingies kaya I was not able to update this blog. Bad bad me. I do not even have the time to blog hop. Yes, ako na ang reyna ng kabusyhan haha! Wala na ako sa circulation' Ano nangyayari sa Philippines? Tapos na ba ang impeachment? Haha!  Oh diba, walang alam.

I am thinking when kaya ako magiging parelaks relaks ulit? Though, hiningi ko to kay Lord, tanggap lang ng tanggap =)

What have transpired in the last few weeks? Weekends are allotted for grocery time, shopping for house items and time for Antonio and Arch...or diba, kahit weekends busy pa rin?

We went to Calatagan last Black Saturday and Easter Sunday...and I so want to go to the beach again!!!!! Hopefully, we will have another family outing first weekend of June. If not, I have to wait for December. Boracay here we come! Woohoo!

Oh by the way, I have reserved for Antonio's preschool na. Which reminds me, I have to enroll him na pala haha! I am also looking for his school service. Tricycle na lang ba or school bus? Hmmm.

Antonio is enjoying naman playing with our kid neighbor...Palaging nasa labas. Minsan, ayaw muna kumain lalabas na. Unfortunately, he got sick this bed/house arrest muna sya. Ang sama ng ubo nya grabe. Last Monday, he was coughing all through the night...kawawa naman. So I asked my husband to bring him to the doctor. I was ready na our pedia will give him antibiotic kasi ang sama talaga ng ubo. I told Arch, wag sya bibili ng gamot pa kasi I can get free medicines. Ayun, pagtapos sa doctor, sabi ng doctor..sipon lang yan. Viral lang yan. She just asked us to give Antonio Dimetapp, Solmux and Calpol. After 3 days, wala ng ubo (paminsan minsan na lang). Wow I so love my pedia!

So ayan, hopefully, I will be able to update this blog regularly na =)

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