Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy 23 months!

One more month to go! We are still preparing for a simple birthday celebration for the baby boy next month. Even though we will not have a grand party, I am still excited to prepare for it! =D

Here are the recent milestones of Antonio:
  • Can say
    • Watch
    • House
    • Mouse for Mickey Mouse
    • Ow or Ouch
    • Ho/Wo for hello (as if answering the phone)
    • Meme for milk
    • Kapi for Milo
    • Dark
    • Uh oh
    • Ane for airplane
    • Shhh kap – He means “shhh, you might wake him/her up”
    • Tree
    • Juice
  • He likes to make kwento, the problem is we still cannot understand him. ;)
  • Recognizes colors
  • Loves to play with his puzzles. He makes sure the words are not upside down
  • Starting to throw tantrums, but not all the time naman

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