Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scary Story

I was never malalapitin sa mga ghosts unlike my brother (who is always visited by my lolo) and my husband (who has several ghosts encounters). But this instance really scared the crap out of me.

I was still with my previous Company when this happened. We had some visitors here in Manila for the 2-day Fleet Safety Asia Pacific Conference. On the second day, we rented a van and accompanied our guests in Intramuros. We roamed around the Walled City, took some pictures of the place and had dinner at Ilustrado’s.

After dinner, we dropped off our guests at the hotel and said goodbyes. Then, we were on our way home. Maybe 5 minutes after we left the hotel, my boss was stretching his arms. The driver suddenly said, “Sir, wag niyo pong masyadong ilabas yung kamay niyo, may kasama po kasi tayo sa likod.” (Sir, do not over extend your arms, we have company at the back). My boss and I looked at each other asking in silence what the driver was saying. I thought there was a psycho at the back of the van who was ready to kill us. My boss then asked the driver what he means by “we have company”. The driver said that there was a lady at the back. He said that she was with us all the time - from Ilustrado’s restaurant to the hotel to that time the driver told us about her. My boss then asked what she looks like. The driver told us that the lady was wearing a bridal gown. (Waaaaah, this incident happened April 2007 and I was about to get married on June 2007. Aside from being afraid of the ghost, I was also scared that this might be bad luck or bad omen). We were so scared that we never looked at the back of the van. We did not move so much on our seats. I was even avoiding the rear view mirror as I might see something!!!

But as we were traversing South Super Highway, the driver suddenly said that the lady has already disappeared. Hay thank you Lord!

The previous plan was the driver and I will bring my boss first to his home then I will be next. Good thing, my boss asked me if I want to be dropped off at his home and he will just bring me home instead. Without blinking an eye, I said yes! Wala ng hiya hiya! I was really really scared. I thought I am going to pass out!!!

After that, my boss told me never to get vans from that Car Company again!


  1. gosh, good thing hindi nag panic yung driver.

  2. Hi Ivy! Naku, mukhang sanay na yung driver na makakita e! Haha!

  3. I'd never hire that car company again either!