Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I am blessed!

I have been having sumpong attacks (again) for the past few days. My ever so patient husband just tells me that we should be thinking of happy thoughts...positive vibes lang dapat! I know we have so many things to be thankful husband and Antonio are on the top of the list. Pero madaling sabihin, mahirap gawin diba? Promise, I am really trying hard! 

Like what I have mentioned in my previous post that whenever I am down, God does something to wake me up...He did it again this time. Haha!

I received this Facebook message from my mother-in-law this morning (after I posted another video of Antonio).

Dear Rianne
Antonio is so smart. Hats off to you for bringing up a smart boy. It pays to be a stay at home mom. Love and Kisses for Antonio

O, bongga diba? =)

I am thinking of posting here all of the blessings, either big or small, that we have. So I can always always remind myself that I am loved by the Lord.

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