Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy 27 months!

His major milestone for this month - he can now tell us he wants to make poop and/or wiwi. Before, we know naman na he wants to make poop kasi we can see from his face (hehe) and he holds our hands kasi umiire na sya...pero now, as in sinasabi na nya he wants to make poop. Pag wiwi naman, he removes his diapers. But syempre minsan may accidents pa rin naman. Hopefully in 2 months, we will be diaper-free during day time! Yippeee!!! =)

As always, marami pa rin syang antics! He sometimes 'invent' tunes for meme (milk), for calling Jomar - the son of his yaya, if he wants kapi (choco na gatas). Haha! Ewan, magiging singer ata si Antonio! 

Also, he never gets tired or bored with his puzzles! Yan ang morning ritual nya! =)

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