Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy 26 months!

I have been busy (but I am happy) these past few weeks, thus, was not able to update this blog.

His major milestone for his 26th month, ang laki ng progress ng speech nya! Dati, I was a bit worried that Antonio was not really madaldal. He can converse with us but more on signs with matching sounds. I was searching the net for signs of problems, pero so far okay naman sya. He can say more than 50 words and was not throwing tantrums as in na naglulupasay sa floor. Pero since January, mas madami na rin syang nasasabi and buong sentences na rin! And finally, he said "mama" already. Before, he calls me meme or diddy. Pero when we ask him naman 'where is mama?', he will point or look at me. Lahat ng tao nasabi na nya ang name, except mama. Kaya when he called me mama, I was so happy and kilig at the same time =)

So far, he has not thrown tantrums yet. He has some drama moments pero madali namang mapatahan =) Kaya di pa namin talaga na-eexperience ang terrible 2 stage =D

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