Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy 30 Months!

Oh my my my, we are now experiencing the peak (i hope it is the peak hehe) of terrible 2 stage! We are now doing the time outs/stand in the corner...because he wasted the tissue paper, because he threw the mango, because he bit his yaya (wala lang, nanggigigil lang ata). I just hope this time out thingy is the way for him to listen to us.

Sometimes, if he does not listen, I just wanted to go to the bathroom and I could just release my temper!

I asked my previous boss, how they were able to manage their 3 boys. He said, "kasi di naman spoiled mga anak namin" Haha! Minsan, I am asking Arch if we spoil Antonio. Kasi iniisip ko na di ko naman binibigay lahat ng gusto. Like if he wants ice cream before eating lunch, di naman ako pumapayag. If he wants to play/watch pa but he needs to sleep na, I firmly say no naman.

Hay naku, siguro nga nasa stage lang sila na they want to assert themselves. Just like what I have blogged here

But Antonio listens din naman e. If he is crying or throwing tantrums and I tell him, I cannot understand him because he is crying he stops naman e. Yun nga lang pag di naman talaga pwedeng ibigay, iiyak sya ulit! Haha! And Antonio is a happy child, he loves to laugh, play with his toys, play pretend! I love how he picks ups songs fast! One morning, Arch was singing Baby of Justin Bieber. He said to Antonio to sing also. Antonio just listened to him. Afternoon of that same day, Antonio was playing with cars. He was singing. I listened, he was singing Baby! Haha! I would like to share this video of him singing that song.

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