Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Antonio eats anything except some vegetables like Ampalaya, which di rin naman ako kumakain! Haha! He loves fruits also and fish. So if he does not drink formula or fresh milk, I am not worried. Steady lang.

Since his weight is below normal, his pedia suggested that he drinks Gain Advance. Since he turned 1, I was buying a small can of Gain Advance every month since he does not drink often naman. Swerte na ang 2oz per day. I thought he really prefers to breastfeed that was why he does not drink his milk.

I tried giving him Nido, Bear Brand, fresh milk. But he does not want the taste. Recently, I decided to buy Lactum...wala lang, para lang may variety and I plan to stop breastfeeding him na rin e. I did not expect that he will like it...Lo and behold, he loves it! Haha! Now nauubos na nya yung 4oz. Sometimes kahit sa afternoon, he asks for Lactum na rin!

Feeling ko lang ako Juday or si Jodie Sta. Maria! Haha!

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