Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Recent Pedia Appointment

Antonio's pediatrician is our pediatrician...I think until college ata, regularly pa ako nagpupunta sa pedia! =) Actually, Dra. Sison is the daughter of our original pedia - Dr. Martin Macapanpan. When he retired, Dra. Sison took over. Dra. Sison is a cool pediatrician. Pag may sinasabi kaming concern namin, sasabhn nyan "okay lang yan, normal yan" or "okay lang payat, mas mahihirapan tayo pag mataba yan at kailangan ng papayatin". She doesn't prescribe antibiotics unless really needed. Minsan nagkasakit si Antonio, gusto ko ng sabihin nya, "ipaadmit mo na", para kampante din ako. Haha! Pero sinabi lang nya, "viral lang yan"

Last week, we went to her clinic since Antonio has a schedule for Typhoid vaccine. She asked me to answer a questionnaire. It is like a survey if I have concerns with Antonio's speech, social and motor skills. She also asked me to answer the MCHAT.

I believe this is now a practice of all pediatricians that they will also check the developmental milestones so in case the child needs help, there will be early intervention. Hay sana nga...kasi sometimes the parents are in denial diba? Kailangan marinig pa sa ibang tao that their child needs to see a specialist.

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