Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Favorites - Dark Chocolate

I do not have a sweet tooth. Pag meron chocolate or candy or cake, I eat but if none, I do not look for it...except pag time of the month, I sometimes crave for sweets. My favorite chocolate is dark chocolate! Not too sweet yummeh!

During the long weekend (June 18 to 20), we went to Subic to celebrate the birthday of Archie's niece. So anong meron sa Subic, imported chocolates! Haha! I bought Milky Way Midnight for myself (Si Arch binili nya M&M's Peanut butter....eeks tamis). Actually, I was looking for Milky Way Midnight Minis e. Kaso wala...Mas gusto ko kasi yun dahil nakakaumay pag bar. Coz I cannot finish the whole thing naman in one sitting. Hay, san kaya meron nito dito?


Also, I bought Hershey's Miniature for my mom. But, when I gave my pasalubong to my mom, I got all the dark chocolates first haha!

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