Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy 32 months!

Antonio is super daldal na. Dati I was concerned na di sya nagsasalita, now ang dami dami na nyang words na alam! At para ng matanda when he converses with people.

The kitchen here is being renovated. One time he said to the carpenter - Corro (Socorro is the name of the carpenter), stop. Quiet, Koko (the brother of my husband) sleep - Haha! Pagalitan ba yung karpintero?

When we ask him, "are you the pupu boy?", his answer, "no Anton"

We have a new game. I will sing a song and he has to tell me from what cartoon show is it. Minsan intro pa lang, alam na nya. To think he is not babad sa tv!

And when he shows me his cars, he will say..mommy, blue car. mommy, red car. Or sometimes, sasabhn nya big car, small car! He knows the concept of big and small and long and short.

He is more into sentences na rin! Like "could you draw Anton's car" Ayos!

At nakakatuwa, may porma sya when he plays basketball, golf, bowling, and baseball! Haha! Athletic ang bata! =)

Medyo na lessen na yung tantrums nya. I hope tuloy tuloy na! =)

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