Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy 19 months!

It was first time, after Antonio was born, that we did not buy a cake for his birthmonthsary! Haha! Both of cars were coding and Arch had migraine. Oh well, meron pa naman next month e. Hehe! =D

- can say "us" for bus, shoes, bo-bob for Spongebob
- knows how to imitate Peanut (my SIL's dog)
- knows the sound for the bird
- knows how to call the waiter by waving his hand
- knows where the bed, tv, door, light, electric fan are
- knows how to pack away his blocks
- claps his hands when a basketball player is able to shoot the ball
- when he watches us play the bowling game in ipod, he gets excited if the ball hits the pins
- grabe maka-utos! hehe! if he is clapping, he wants us to clap also. if he sees a bus and he says "us", he points to daddy to say bus also. Haha!

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