Wednesday, June 9, 2010

36 Things I Love About You

Baby, happy happy happy 3rd wedding anniversary! =)


1. You love Antonio
2. You love me
3. You love your family
4. You are a good son
5. You love my family
6. You are a GREAT DAD
7. You play with Antonio even if you are tired
8. You are passionate about your work
9. You are a good provider
10. You are always cool and calm
11. You remind me not to be a hyperparent
12. You are SO funny
13. You have your own dance moves
14. You do not have vices
15. You are a classic example of an defensive driver
16. You accept my sumpongs/tantrums
17. You support my work
18. We hear mass every Sunday
19. We have our family dates almost every week
20. You hold my hand
21. You always say “I love you”
22. You drive for us always
23. You kiss me when you wake up, before you leave the house, when you arrive from the office and before going to sleep
24. You inform me when you arrive at the office or where you are
25. I love our perfect hug
26. I love your curly hair
27. I love your eyes
28. You make me feel I am a good mother
29. You listen to my early morning kwentos even if you are not fully awake
30. You try to wake up early just because Antonio and I are already awake
31. You ‘idolize’ MacGyver
32. You support my kaartehan
33. You accept my booboos
34. You watch tagalog movies
35. You watch telenovela
36. You let me hold the remote when we watch TV even if I change channels frequently

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