Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Favorites

Tsk tsk, I was not able to update this Friday Favorite thingy for 2 months??? I noticed that I am busier (with mommy duties) every Friday! Though I am not complaining =)

Anyway, I am not ma-kikay o maluho. I do not wear make-up, I do not wear jewelry except for our wedding ring and my engagement ring (on our wedding day nga, I was thinking of not wearing earrings pa...Though, I did not wear a necklace or bracelet), I do not wear high heels, I do not buy shoes and bags every month (I just get my bags from my MIL hehe) I do not wear fancy dresses....jeans, shirt and slippers okay na ako! =)

So my favorite kakikayan (or lone kikay thingy) is nail cleaning (take note cleaning only, even on our wedding day, wala akong nail polish hihi) and foot spa/foot reflexology. I think, I started to fall in love with these nail cleaning stuff just before I got married (yeah late na). I like Dashing Diva but they are expensive. I also like Nail Tropics but they are very far from us! Okay din sana Tip and Toes but mahal. I have tried also California Nail Day Spa - I don't like.

So my current favorite nail salon, Nail Loft. I am super happy with Nail Loft! The place is clean, not crowded, the staff are friendly, accessible and most importantly, affordable! =) If I can only go to this place every week, I will do it...magastos lang...I think I am just kuripot. Hahaha!

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