Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I inquired with Teacher Dang about Kindermusik last February. But I cancelled the trial class with her…I just cannot remember the reason…I kept on delaying to try and making excuses na matraffic! Haha! Then, I saw a new Kindermusik venue somewhere near Shaw Blvd (which is nearer our house and no traffic). I was supposed to enroll Antonio there for summer classes but the class was cancelled due to lack students.

I was already keen on enrolling Antonio because he loves to dance. As in…kahit anong music marinig nya, he will dance =) Also, I think he needs to mingle with kids his age and meet new people. For example, in a party or a family gathering, he will just stay with me or with his yaya. Naku, lalo na pag pinagkaguluhan sya, he does not like that! Haha! Suplado in the making!

So, when I saw that the class at CTEC will start in July, I decided to go for it. We did the trial class last July 10 (The first day of class was July 3, however, Antonio was sick). Antonio was clingy at first. He was shy and he was not playing with the other kids. But he was a bit participating in the class. He was doing some of the actions. I was even surprised when Teacher Dang asked Antonio to point the Kangaroo in her book, he was able to do it. Ang galing e never ko pa nga syang tinuruan ng Kangaroo! Haha!

After the class, I decided to enroll na. I am sure Antonio and I will enjoy Kindermusik class=)

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