Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy 20 months!

Most of the time, we are shocked (in a happy and proud way) of the things Antonio does and the words he says. I always call Archie's attention every time Antonio does something new, kasi talagang nakakatuwa =) Kung pwede lang talaga 24 hours may video camera na nakaktutok kay Antonio! Hehe!

Antonio's Milestones:
- Can say koko for his Ninong Miko, ticko for Stikko, teeth
- Tries to use the spoon to eat (but he prefers using his fingers)
- Says poop when he makes utot and if he wants to make poopoo
- Takes his sando off on his own
- Can walk up the stairs using the railing
- Packs away his toys without us saying it
- There was an instance that when he got my cellphone 1, he bumped my cellphone 2 and it was at the edge of his toy chest. I was shocked because he got cellphone 2 and put it in the middle of the toy chest so it will not fall! I did not even tell him to do it!
- There was another instance that he moved the chair in the dining room because he got something from the table, then he put back the chair to its original place.
- Can wear his sandals on his own
- Counts but some numbers are not understandable
- Tries to jump
- Knows the dance steps of the hi5 songs
- He remembers most of the actions from his Kindermusik class
- I was singing Happy birthday song to Archie the other day. After the song, he was blowing as if there was a candle in front of him. Hihi!

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