Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Favorites - Fast Food

When we were kids, we always go to "McDo" every Saturday morning to eat breakfast while my brothers and sister play at their playground. My younger siblings have also celebrated their birthdays there.

Now that I am a bit older, I still love McDonald's! If the food they serve is not fattening, I could eat there everyday!Yummy yum yum! I love their big breakfast, longganisa meal, burgers, sundae, apple pie, chicken and their french fries ooh for the win!  I prefer their chicken over Jollibee because Chicken Joy has an after taste. I don't know, it is like the oil used for their chicken was used not only twice but several times already. Eeeew! Also, Mcdo is much 'cleaner' than Jollibee...eeps peace!

during my sister's 20th birthday
But if you ask my son what his favorite is, I think he will say Jollibee. Because he loves him, the mascot! =)


  1. i love mcdo's nuggets, cheeseburger & fries. but if it's spaghetti & peach mango pie-- jollibee naman! :D

    i do miss the burgers from Tropical Hut and Wendys.. yummmy fast food!

  2. Haha! My husband loves Jollibee Spag also! Uy, oo nga sarap din ang burger ng Tropical! Ay nakakagutom! =)

  3. I also prefer McDonalds over Jollibee especially for breakfast! They also have better sundaes =)