Friday, September 3, 2010

a very dear friend

It has been 10 years since a dear friend went home to our Lord. 

September 3, 2000 - Sunday, I was out with some of my officemates. My mom called me up and told the tragic news. I was so shocked that I even said a bad word to my mom.  Then, I started calling up my highschool friends wishing that they will tell me that it was just a joke...but they too have learned of the sad news.

Noemi was shot several times by her boyfriend, the father of her son. Our guess why he killed her because he was forcing her to get married but she told him to wait after her graduation in December. 

We always knew the guy was bad news and we were telling her to leave him. When we were in highschool, some of our barkada were hanging out at our house. Then, Noemi and the guy had a fight. The guy left. When he came back, Noemi hid under our dining table and we told him Noemi left already. We were so afraid that time because the way he looked at us was different! Noemi was such a sweet lady that she cannot leave him. I think she was hoping the guy will change his ways eventually.

When she got pregnant, she was telling us that she was forced. I think we told her to tell her mom so they can file charges, but she does not want to because she thinks the case will be dismissed since the act happened at the house of the guy. 

Her son is now 10 years old. So you see, he was only 6 months when our friend passed away. But even then, he has grown to be such a respectful and obedient young boy. Her lola, my friend's mom, is doing a great job in raising him up...despite the hardships of life. I sometimes think the what ifs (what if she is still alive, what if we told her mom about the guy, etc), but I always tell myself that Noemi has always been at peace ever since she went home. She has never manifested to me that she was suffering or lonely. Or maybe she knows I am afraid of ghosts =p

Noemi, please continue to help us pray to the Lord for the rest of our barkada and our families. We hope were doing justice of being ninangs to your son =) We love you and we miss you!


  1. wow that's a very tragic story!
    I hope the boy grows up knowing how sweet her Mom was.

  2. Hi Sis! Yes, we are really trying our best =)