Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Full time moms and yayas

Hay saludo ako sa inyo full time moms (meaning yaya-less) and to all yayas!!!

I realized that having a yaya is a blessing to us. Like what I have mentioned in my previous post, my yaya took a leave for about 3 weeks. Though, we have a manang and manong here who took care of Antonio maybe 2 to 3 hours a day while I was working, pero iba pa rin ang may yaya na tutok sa baby. As in ang hirap mag alaga ng makulit at malikot na toddler! =D

During those 3 weeks, my baby was sickly...fever, diarrhea, colds...I think it was because pag sina manang and manong ang nagaalaga, di naman nila alam if naiinitan na ba si Antonio or nagugutom or what.

Oh well, that is water under the bridge na naman since my yaya is here already =) so happy happy na naman ako at di ko na inaaway si the husband! =)

Next post....our bohol vacation =)

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