Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy 17 Months!

We celebrated his 17th month in Bohol. As a "tradition", we ordered brownie ala mode as his cake =) Hehe! Notice our table number? Galing, it is also 17 =)

Antonio's Milestones:
- knows how to "bless"
- knows the action for amen
- knows how to salute
- when he sees a basketball ring or he sees somebody playing basketball, he will raise his hands
- can say apl for apple, chuckie (the chocolate drink), cake, koklate (i think for chocolate), jolbee for jollibee
- can point to the airplane and jetski in his book (yeah, he did that after our Bohol trip)
- loves to imitate people...the laugh of Archie and even the actions of "Manong Johnny" in his commercial haha!
- he waves his hand every time he hears the gate closes, or the car door closes, or the car engine starts
- loves to ride his donkey and his car
- loves playing pretend

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