Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bohol ABADventure

The reason why we went to Bohol was because my Mabuhay Miles were expiring last year. So we decided to use it kesa masayang. We opted to go to Bohol because we have never been there and Panglao Island is more accessible than Boracay.

Weeks before the trip, I was thinking if we should include Chocolate Hills on our city tour. Kasi I read that it was far, it would take I think 2 hours from the airport to go there and we will climb 200+ steps just to see the hills. E Antonio will be with us so baka mahirapan kami. I even asked the n@wies if okay lang, they suggested to go there nga kasi it will be a great experience.

Days before we left, Antonio got sick (fever and colds) so the visit to Chocolate Hills were removed from our list na talaga. We just went to visit the Tarsiers (which tulog naman si Antonio), Baclayon Church, Blood Compact Site, ate at Jo's Inato, and we went to Daius Church. We just promised na we will do the whole city tour when we go back to Bohol =)

When we arrived at Panglao, wow, the beach was so beautiful! It was low tide so super super ganda! Antonio was so happy to walk on the sand! What's nice about Bohol is pag low tide, as in ang haba ng shore. Also, in Bohol the waves are not strong and big...very baby/toddler friendly =)

We stayed at Dumaluan Beach Resort. The resort was not high end so the facilities are not Class A. But livable naman and clean so okay na for us =) The staff are polite and attentive so plus points na rin sa amin. Also, the food was great. We expected that the food will be so-so, but we were surprised kasi masarap lahat though a bit expensive =p

We really needed this vacation...not because we are stressed or anything but we need this was the only time for us to bond as a family...walang yaya or lolos or lolas =) We thought mahihirapan kami, but kaya naman =) Medyo nagmamadali lang kami magdinner because the baby was already sleepy (at 7pm hahah). Tiring but it was all worth it =)

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