Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Long Weekend

We started our long weekend last August 27 by celebrating the birthday of my sister-in-law (her actual birthday is August 28). We ate at CERCHiO in Tomas Morato. The food was yummy and the place was nice. Unfortunately, my husband was not able to join us since he was coming from Bicol that night.

August 28, Saturday, Antonio did not have Kindermusik. So we just stayed at home the whole morning and afternoon. My husband was not able to report for work since he was so tired of his travel. We just heard mass in the evening.

August 29, Sunday, we visited my husband's dad and Teia, the baby sister of my husband. Oh she was so cutee and so chubby! My father-in-law was telling Arch that Teia has friends in the neighborhood and my father-in-law mentioned a boy's name. Arch blurted out - "lalaki yun ah!" I laughed at him and said - "ang protective naman ni kuya...haha!"

August 30, Monday, we went to Megamall. We ate at Bigby's. The food was so-so. We bought toys for the little one - drums and xylophone since he loves music! =) We also bought shoes for him at Payless Shoe Source. Oh my, I miss PSS in the US. When I was traveling in the US before, I always buy shoes from them...I got good deals since I have sizes in the children's section so it was much cheaper! Hehe! After Megamall, we just dropped off Antonio at home and we went to Ahavia again! I know, I mentioned in my previous post, that we will have a massage every other month...Haha! We went back after 3 weeks =) I tried the Oriental Ritual and my husband tried the Anti-Stress Thermal Therapy. After the spa, we went to Cherry for our weekly grocery.

Looking forward to the next long weekend! Kailangan kaya yun?

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