Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Favorites

Grabe, Friday na naman...ang bilis! Haha!

Since last Sunday was Mother's Day, I decided to have this spot for my favorite things/parts about being a mom...though halos lahat is my favorite! =)

- Antonio's smiles and laughter
- When Antonio wraps his arms around my leg when he does not like to go with his yaya or his daddy
- When Antonio sleeps whenever I am around (when I was working in Makati, he seldom sleep during the day)
- Antonio's kisses and hugs
- When Antonio learns new things easily
- Whenever somebody praises Antonio

When I gave birth to Antonio, I experienced some post partum blues. I was thinking na kung ginusto ko ba talaga magka I will not be able to go out life will not be the same again. Thinking back, that was correct. My life is now different...But I love love being a mom and I will never trade my life with anybody!

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