Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy 18 months!

Wow 18 months! 6 months to go and we are on the terrible 2 stage na! =) I am worried (if we will be patient enough) and at the same time excited…kasi ano pa ang ikukulit ni Antonio? Hehe!

- Can say ‘sa pa for one more or isa pa, Andia for Ate Andrea (I think), This (when pointing to something he wants to get), Ack for truck, Fish
- Likes to doodle
- Like to watch Cars (copies McQueen when he sticks out his tongue) and Madagascar (laughs when Alex surprised Marty)
- He knows where his toes and armpits are
- Can do the “quiet/shhh” action
- If he sees a cake (or kahit the red ribbon box), he blows
- When he sees the twinkle twinkle and the wheels on the bus pages on his song book, he will do the actions for these songs na…di pa ako kumakanta nun ha! =D
- When he sees a page in his book which has a “boo” written on it, he will say “boo!”
- Loves to look at his books and pretend to be reading
- Loves to run

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