Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25, 2006

This day is a memorable one for me and for Arch…a life changing event happened! Haha! Here is the story…

2005 or a year before he proposed, I told Archie na yaw kong pagusapan yung mga future plans kasi I want na pag pinaguusapan na, sure na sya. So wala talaga kaming pinaguusapan na serious pa before he proposed.

A week before he proposed, I was telling Archie super kinukulit ako ng mga boss ko about our wedding plans. His answer lang was “magandang pagusapan sa bora yan”. Medyo nagiisip na ako pero syempre I dismissed the thought kasi yaw ko naman umasa diba? Then a day before we left for Bora, he told me he will be going to Greenhills. So I thought a baka bibili ng ring! Bwehehehehe! Since, our flight was the first flight out of Manila, he slept na sa house namin. As we were arranging our things, he told me that he needs a padlock para sa bag nya kasi mag checkin sya ng bag. I thought kung may ring syang binili, di sya mag check in so yung thought na he will propose vanished.

We arrived in Bora – May 25, Thursday, lunchtime. After lunch, he said he wanted to sleep. He told me to wake him up at 5pm. He was sleeping and I was watching tv. Then, I noticed that bawat galaw ko nagigising sya, which is super weird...Kasi si Arch, super antukin yun e. Kahit di sya inaantok, pahigain mo tulog yun! Hehehehe! (He told me after he proposed that he was nervous that was why he cannot sleep)

Anyway, we went back to the beach a little past 5. Nag happy hour kami sa BTR. He was driking San Mig Light then ako tequila sunrise. Then, I just went to the CR, pagbalik ko, sabi nya alis na daw kami. E I have not finished my drink yet. Sabi nya ubusin ko na daw. Inubos ko naman agad. Ahaha! The sun was beginning to set na. As we were walking along the shore, he asked what was the reason why I like the sunset na...(the reason can also be found in my previous post) I told him that I read somewhere that sunset is a promise of tomorrow. And then he told me that for him, it is a promise of a new tomorrow and he wants to spend the rest of his tomorrows with me. Then, I hugged him then sabi sandali lang, may sasabhin pa daw sya. Ahaha! Then he he popped the question na..."Marie Antoinette Collantes, would you want to be Marie Antoinette Collantes Abad? Will you marry?" My answer, “Yes, I will marry you!”

After that, naglakad na ulit kami at nagtetext na ako sa family and friends ko! Ahahaha! =)

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