Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 10 Experience

My husband and I arrived at the school to vote around 730am. There was a long line already just to go inside the waiting room. Apparently, the machine assigned to our clustered precinct was not working…I think it took the Comelec technicians about an hour to fix the PCOS machine.

I appreciated some of the voters giving suggestions on how to make process orderly. One lady suggested that those in the line waiting to go inside the waiting room (yeah, may wait list for the waiting room hehe) to have their names listed on a paper then they will just be called later on for them to go inside the waiting room. Then another voter volunteered to be the announcer of the names. But may mga DUGAS pa rin...Since the senior citizens are given priority, nakikisabay yung mga iba sa senior citizen…and there was one guy, who is a senior citizen, tagged along his wife na di naman senior citizen and their teenage boys in the lane of the senior citizen. Grabe! Ang kapal! Turuan ba ng mali yung mga bata? Good thing, there was another voter who volunteered to check who were called and who goes inside the room! And there was this lady who is pormado (boboto nakaskirt?), went inside the polling precinct mismo and talked to the comelec technician na sabi nya na kanina pa daw sya nakapila, etc etc…ayun pinapila na cya to get the ballot na…e hello 3 oras na kami dun, di ko naman sya nakikita no!

Oh well, good thing we were assigned to Clustered precinct 76, kasi sa kabila mas magulo! Ahaha! Maraming nagsisigawan! Hehe!

Parang we now know who will be our next President…I did not vote for him pero buti na lang at tumakbo sya kungdi si Erap na naman ang President natin…Scary! Di man ako masaya that he is winning but I just hope and pray that he will consider his position not a job but a career and he will love and nurture the Philippines and the Filipino people!

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