Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sunset promise

I used to hate sunsets...why? diba parang nakakalungkot? Siguro because the day has ended...if you are really enjoying the day, it means tapos na...But that changed when I read somewhere na sunset is a promise that there will be a tomorrow...a promise of a new day (yeah by Paula Abdul hehe)...

I even liked sunsets more when my then boyfriend now husband proposed to me almost 4 years ago using that line during sunset in Boracay! We all know that sunsets in Boracay are the best diba?

So that is the reason for my url =) That phrase really changed my outlook in life...I learned to be happy and to be thankful! I learned to be excited of my life...if today is a good day, tomorrow will be a better one and I have so much to look forward to!=D

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