Friday, August 13, 2010

Cookbook Kitchen

Days before our 6th anniversary pre-date, I was thinking of what would be our itinerary for the day. Will it be mass-dinner-spa or spa-mass-dinner? First option was okay since after spa, we will just go home and sleep =) Second option was also okay since we want to have dinner date without being 'harassed' to eat faster (because when we usually go out, we bring Antonio with us. Thus, we should eat and finish our food fast because the little boy will get bored and will want to explore the place). Since we want to have a real "date", we chose option 2 =)

After our spa at Ahavia Lounge Spa and hearing mass last August 7, we went to Cookbook Kitchen for dinner. Good thing we were early since almost all of the tables had been reserved already. We heard and read a lot of good feedback about the place even before but it was only that time we decided to try it out...and the reviews and raves were true!=) We ordered parmesan crusted white fish and porkchops with honey mustard! Yummy yum yum! =)

 We heard people from the other table praising these 2 dishes - adobo pasta and vigan longganisa pasta (or something to that effect)! So when we go back, we will order those! =D 

Cookbook Kitchen is located at 8 Socorro Fernandez St., corner Luna Mencias St. (near Shaw Blvd),
Mandaluyong City.

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